As a sound artist that performs under the name BOASZ (previous BOAS and Choir of 13 Bojanas), Bojana deals with voice-noise relationship, while being interested in the aesthetics of feedback, wider scopes of polyphony and possibilities of (natural and artificial) vocal transformation.

She usually experiments with extended voice technics and complex voice embodiments in combination with various analogue and digital equipment.

She treats the voice as an input and output.

She performs both alone and in collaborative projects with other artists and sometimes she organizes experimental singing workshops.

BOAS_JNNFR EP - Weite Unterm Mikroskop (2016)
BOAS EP - Little Su (2013)

BOASZ Freeing voice workshop, Escape community, Hvar Island, Croatia;
Music workshop MKDSL&BOASZ, Escape community, Hvar Island, Croatia;
Improv3 Izlet 02, SMM, Noitu, AB/DX, BOASZ, Club 20/44, Belgrade, Serbia;
Improv3 Izlet 01, Yumiko Yoshimoto, BOASZ, Igor Stangliczky, Kvaka 22, Belgrade;
BOAS, MultiMadeiraMatinee, Belgrade, Serbia;
BOAS singing workshop, KickFlip, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal;
BOAS and Igor Stangliczky, Barreirinha, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal;
ImprovE 2.35, BOAS and Ivan Čkonjević, Club Gun, Belgrade, Serbia;
BOAS guest performance in the project Luka’s taxi, Sound Development City, Belgrade;
BOAS guest performance with Hashima jazz quartet, Mixer Festival, MH, Belgrade;
ImprovE 2.25, Voice Scopes, Artget Gallery, Cultural Centre of Belgrade;
BOAS guest performance with Hashima jazz quartet, Cultural Centre Students’ Town, Belgrade;
DIATRIBES & ImprovE workshop, Rex, Beograd, Studio M, Novi Sad, Serbia;
Electro – acustic improvisation workshop with Richard Barrett, REX, Belgrade, Serbia;
Improve 2.7, Luka Toy Boy & BOAS, Belef and Ring Ring, The house of king Peter, Belgrade, Serbia;
’Recycling Entertainment System’ workshop with Benjamin Gaulon & Martial Geoffre-Rouland, RESONATE 2012, Belgrade, Serbia;
The Vocal Workshop of Ana Sofrenovic ‘Body of Voice’, Novi Sad, Serbia;
Workshop of Szilárd Mezei, Steria Theatre Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia;
‘Chinese Market’, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia;