Radio Mapping the Independent Scene

installation (2015)
Radio Mapping the Independent Scene is an audio installation presenting the first season of the radio show. Total of 64 shows, broadcasted on NOFM radio from March 2013 to June 2014, are mapped onto 16 separate speakers representing 16 months of work. All of the shows are played simultaneously giving rise for more then 70 independent actors, of disunited and poorly organised scene, to finally be heard in one voice. The installation is followed by a chronologically ordered and detailed list of all of the speakers and as well by a booth where you can listen to a selected episode in full.

Femkanje is a radio show and platform conceived to improve and strengthen the cultural and independent art scene in Serbia. By opening up the media space and by promoting gender equality, Femkanje aims to educate and network young primarily female and male authors from country and ex-Yugoslavian region. The shows are designed to present a comprehensive overview of one author or collective in an intimate hour-long conversation.