Like Hate Sad

art books/installation (2009)
The project LIKE HATE SAD is based on process of emotion recycling and consists of three booklets: I would like, I hate and I am so sad, followed by sound, and created as a research result, i.e. through ‘gathering’ of these three emotions (like, hate, sad) conducted via the Internet survey. Research sample includes all participants who have been doing public addressing on the Internet, regardless their age, social status or education. Therefore, a large spectrum of answers has been gained, including noticeable differences in attitudes as well as in freedom of expression of these emotions. The emotions, classified and put together in the booklets have gained new meaning, thus representing the new product.
The booklet, I hate quantitatively observed, takes the first place, followed by I would like and finally I am so sad. Analyzing the results, it can be concluded that people, even though protected by the possibility of revealing their true identity on the Internet, still feel the most comfortable in expressing hate, avoiding communication about their weaknesses. The expressions of hate are concise, simple sentences without the additional explanation.
The process of sterilization of these emotions finishes in an auditory manner. Each booklet contains audio recording, where synthesized and impersonal voice reads their content. postavke.jpg