audio-visual installation (2011)

The work untitled The truth teller deals with the relation ‘observer-artwork’, when it seems that the work with its content directly attacks the observer.
Visual part of the work represents one-half of a cube covered with mirrors that is hanged on the wall. There is a chair in front of the mirror in order to allow the observer to spend some time in front of it.
The sound in headphones consists of constant repetition of a sentence ‘Oh, my God, you are so ugly!’. The sentence is spoken with synthesized voice, which makes it depersonalized.
Even though, the artist might have had certain target group, there are no waypoints to facilitate its recognition. The message ‘Oh, my God, you are so ugly!’ can refer to anyone.

The title The truth teller suggests that the content of the work is unquestionable truth. In this case, the focus is on the statement that the work contains. The mirror can be used in order to eventually verify that ‘truth’. Further, the problem of verification emerges because the meaning of the statement can be relativized. The statement ‘You are so ugly’ gains new meaning in each individual case of its interpretation from the observer.

Even though, the message is sent to all observers, the question remains about the sender of the message, who is the sender: the artist, the mirror, or the reflection. Therefore, the endless game of interpretation continues, which is the aim of this work.