Media intervention (2018)

In collaboration with Katarina Petrović

Femkanje Open Mic is a media intervention, an invitation to participate and an ongoing live stream. Based on the idea of unlimited trust and equality, our work aims to once more (and now even more inclusively) open the space for free speech and artistic agency while keeping the participant’s anonymity. At the times of saturation and media darkness, fake news and information bubbles, Femkanje reacts by enabling a safe zone for expression. Pushing the borders of radio and (artistic) space, the installation effectively surveills the soundscape of a gallery. We invite multiple outlooks, contrasted perspectives and various concerns to be spoken out.

November 2018 Art or Pact / Performance performativity and Document_K.A.T., Gallery SULUV, Novi Sad
October 2018 MFRU - 24th International Festival of Computer Art, UGM Studio, Maribor, Slovenia

Femkanje is a podcast, art and media project dedicated to contemporary arts and culture in Serbia, ex-Yugoslavian region and Europe. With a special emphasis on independent productions and self-organization in contemporary culture, as well as on media visibility and gender equality, the show aims to contribute to the understanding of contemporary arts in Serbia. Currently in the third session, Femkanje publishes monthly podcasts, takes part in public talks and exhibits internationally. Authors and hosts of the show: Bojana S. Knežević and Katarina Petrović.