LET'S JUST CALL IT THE NEW ONE participative performance and sound piece / premiere, rehearsal and cocktail party (2019)

Let’t just call it the new one is a transmedial experiment in recycling materials from my previous projects, in which individual, group, hybrid and virtual identities are presented as protagonists of various social phenomena. Performative treatment of a personal artistic archive begins with mapping more than 40 characters and narratives that are extracted from their original media environment and translated inito a pure textual form - an open script calling new identities for the interpretation.
At this small retrospective, which was held for the first time in the performance hub K48 in Vienna, a large amount of text (scripts) was exhibited. With the slogan New talents wanted now, the audience was invited to interpret the texts. The gallery space divided into two rooms was reserved for rehearsal, premiere, reception and cocktail party, which is documented as two types of audio recordings - field recordings (from the rehearsal room) and studio recordings (from the recording room).
Unexpected dialogues and spontaneous combinations of different scenarios have grown into a hybrid narrative. These audio recordings were edited to get a new form, which was presented as an experimental radio drama Let’s just call it the new one and broadcasted on the Austrian radio ORANGE 94.0.
The adaptation of this project was later presented as an interactive audio-visual installation under the title 10 years 100 characters and you in the Remont Gallery in Belgrade. The name of the exhibition suggested that previous narratives had multiplied through new interpretations. Each new interpretation of the character introduced new meanings, while the documentation of these performances continued to grow and branch out.
Exhibitions: February 2019 / Let's just call it the new one, k48 - Offensive für zeitgenössische Wahrnehmung, Projektraum Oliver Hangl, Kirchengasse 48/Lokal 2, 1070 Vienna, Austria April 2019 / 10 Years, 100 Characters and You, Gallery Remont, Maršala Birjuzova 7, Belgrade

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