Media and sound artist who deals with human behavior through performance and participatory art projects, defining myself as a performer-recycler. My focus is on unheard voices of marginalized or hidden individual or collective identities, with an aim to deconstruct various stereotypes and highlight inconsistencies in different social structures and systems.These identities, sometimes virtual or semi-fictional, work as platforms for the artistic intervention and creative resistance. With a documentary approach, I work in a variety of media experiments, practicing DIWO (do it with others) strategy and anti-art strategies of appropriation and self-proclamation. By opening up the space for multi-layered interpretations, I try to establish and encourage a complex interaction between the audience and the artwork.

BA (2009) and MFA (2011) degree in New Media Arts from the Department of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts Novi Sad; DA (2018) degree (Interdisciplinary doctoral art studies - Digital Art), from the University of Arts in Belgrade;

Co-founder and co-author of a podcast, art and media project FEMKANJE dedicated to contemporary art, culture and activism in the ex-Yugoslavian region and Europe.