Bojana S. Knežević (born in Novi Sad, Serbia) – Interdisciplinary artist and art journalist, active in the field of video, performance, film, experimental sound, audio-visual installations and art education. She finished BA and MA studies (New Media Visual Arts) at the Department of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts Novi Sad. Currently she is the final year Ph.D. student at Interdisciplinary arts studies (Digital Arts), University of Arts in Belgrade. Lives and works in Belgrade.

In her artistic research she is conceptually and thematically tied to different identity micro-politics and recycling of manifold cultural and media content. Her artwork focuses on the role of an individual in the contemporary society, on the problem of identity, relationship between an individual and media, contemporary loneliness and fears, alienation and absurd moments in contemporary communication. She is interested in abounded (or hidden) scenes (and topics) and unheard voices, which she reveals to the audience in a specially designed (contextual) environment.

Even though she does not perceive herself as a performer, methodology of her artistic research is strongly connected to the performance, which she investigates and uses in the creative process on many different levels. Her artistic practice involves recycling (other) people’s emotions and intimate thoughts in respond to various topics and presenting them to the observers – who are also actively involved in the process of the art piece contextualization. By opening up the space for multi-layered interpretations, she encourages complex communication and interaction between the audience and the artwork.

She has presented her artworks at many exhibitions and festivals in her home country and abroad.
A member of SULUV.

Co-founder of the association and radio show Femkanje - a platform conceived to present and promote primarily female, but as well male authors, focusing on young and/or independent artists from both Serbia and ex-Yugoslavian region.


Author of BOASZ - long standing sound art project.