Bojana S. Knežević is an interdisciplinary artist, working in the fields of performance, video, audio-visual installation and sound art. Her projects are focused on redefining manifold stereotypes, while dealing with abounded (or hidden) scenes, ‘unheard voices’ and ‘painful’ truths.

In her media experiments, she approaches various social issues from the specific position of ‘performer-recycler’. Her performative recycling practice often includes presentation and/or creation of specific identity hybrids, which aim to highlight problems and communication gaps between opposed elements of a system. Her methodology includes strategies of performance, participatory art and journalism, as well as anti-art strategies of appropriation and self-proclamation. By opening up the space for multi-layered interpretations, she encourages complex communication and interaction between the audience and the artwork.

She holds BA and MFA degree (New Media Arts) from the Department of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts Novi Sad, and doctoral degree (Interdisciplinary doctoral art studies - Digital Art), from the University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia).

Co-founder of the association and radio show FEMKANJE - a platform conceived to present and promote primarily female, but as well male authors, focusing on young and/or independent artists from both Serbia and ex-Yugoslavian region.

Author of BOASZ - long standing sound art project.

Lives and works in Belgrade